Gym Equipment

Devices used during physical activity

Product Image Weight- Item Name Price
BodyQuip Hack Squart 45

BodyQuip Hack Squart

BodyQuip Hack Squart eliminates loading of the shoulders and the resultant compression of the spine. The seat design places the user in a more natural and comfortable upright position


Everlast Elite Gym 35

Everlast Elite Gym

Everlast Elite Gym Targets Abdorminal area


Trojan Ergo 510 20

Trojan Ergo 510

Trojan Ergo 510 Function : 12Programs+ 1 Heart Rate Control; Scan - Time/Speed/Distance/Calories Weight of Flywheel : 5kg Maximum User Weight : 150kg


Trojan Extreme Door Gym 4

Trojan Extreme Door Gym

Trojan Extreme Door Gym Fits standard door frames with 20mm door frame lip Includes Horizontal Bar to mount onto frameless doors


Trojan iSmart 600 Treadmill 35

Trojan iSmart 600 Treadmill

Trojan iSmart 600 Treadmill great for burning calories, cardio-vascular exercise, and they allow for constant speed training as well as strength training Strength and endurance can be developed gradually for novices, while experienced athletes will benefit from a variable workout where you can simulate race conditions Speed: 1 - 18km p/hour...


Trojan Omega 380 ExBike 30

Trojan Omega 380 ExBike

Trojan Omega 380 ExBike Effective for cardiovascular and weight loss workouts Function : Time/Speed/Distance/Calories/Hand Pulse Weight of Flywheel : 4kg Maximum User Weight : 130kg


Trojan Power Station 400 30

Trojan Power Station 400

Trojan Power Station 400 ideal for full-body workouts focusing on strength training, muscle building and toning Weight Stack Load : 5-60kg Maximum User Weight : 120kg


Trojan Pro-X 450 25

Trojan Pro-X 450

Trojan Pro-X 450 Replicates road bike seating position Ultra smooth riding resistance up to 21kg flywheel weight 120kg maximum user weight Manual adjustment


Trojan Summit 280 Elliptical 20

Trojan Summit 280 Elliptical

Trojan Summit 280 Elliptical works both the upper and lower body intensely and the back-pedaling function allows you to work the back of the thighs Weight of Flywheel : 4kg Function : Time / speed / distance / calories / odometer / hand pulse / scan Maximum User Weight : 120kg